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Seabird 1896 William Fife gaff rigged 39ft sailboat. 5 ft. 5 ins. draft 8 ft. 6 ins. Beam. She weighs 8,500 pounds dry and the lead keel is almost 40% of the weight. She is similar to an R boat but a little wider and looks and performs like a 6 or an 8 meter. What is extremely rare about this boat is she was probably one of the first fin keeled boats ever built. When built there was no engine in her but in the 40s or 50s a hole was cut in her for an outboard (in the port cockpit seat) we installed an inboard diesel during the restoration. She has inboard sheeting for upwind performance and will point as high as any modern racer. When sailing of wind you use the outboard sheeting. There are two sets of sheets on the boat. She has two running backstays lead to two winches in cockpit. All the halyards are lead aft on cabin top to winches. There are eight sets of winches on the boats, two for the fore sail, two for the runners and four for the cockpit sheeting. For more information about the history and restoration of this sailboat see the owner’s website: Seabird 1896 Yacht Story


  • Mahogany 1- 1/8 Th. planking
  • Built in Scotland 1895-6.
    Boat professionally restored 1989 to 1996 and is kept inside in the off season and has been maintained to very high standards since the restoration. She also has a tandem trailer.
  • Mahogany 1- 1/8 th. planking
  • Stainless steel fasteners used throughout in restoration
  • 8ft 6ins wide
  • Fin keel (lead) removed and reinstalled with new keel bolts
  • Spade rudder composite, marine ply, encapsulated with glass and epoxy
  • Stainless shaft
  • Wooden spars and hoops
  • Sitka Spruce mast and Douglas fir boom and Ash mast hoops
  • Two sails, main /jib. (Taylor)
  • BMW D 7 Diesel; Type D7H06T1-151B
  • Engine serial no, 581080001695
  • Engine has generator for charging battery
  • Wheel steering. 14 ins. Quadrant (¼ ins cable steering)
  • Toilet / 30 gallon glass holding tank
  • Galley / stainless sink / hand pump
  • Aluminium 7 ½ gal fuel tank 1 way anti siphon valve and shutoff
  • Engine muffler / rubber, fastened inside transom
  • Two 2 ins cockpit drains
  • Five bottom thru hulls stainless ball and Teflon seating
  • Engine intake and toilet intake Cockpit drains and galley drain
  • Automatic bilge pump (wired and fused direct to battery)
  • Seven 12 volt cabin lights plus one 12 volt outlet
  • One 12 volt battery (Nautilus) new with Perko 12 volt master shutoff


Asking Price $88,995.00 CDN

Boat available for viewing (inside) at Tobermory Marine

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